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Rapid Growth of Swiss Re in Bratislava

Swiss Re is planing to grow the number of employees from 624 to 900 employees within 12 months. Help Swiss Re to tackle this challenge and win Apple iPad Mini and other attractive prizes.
If you’ve never heard of Swiss Re, we wouldn’t be all that surprised, as it’s easy not to be aware of the reinsurance business. But think of all the risks the world faces today: from natural disasters to climate change, from ageing populations to pandemics. These are precisely the issues that reinsurance tackles every single day. Our business at Swiss Re is to transform global risks into opportunities.

Most of our work at Swiss Re is concerned with reinsurance. Put simply, it’s insurance


The whole challenge is divided into 3 parts. Every part is equally important for your final evaluation.

1. Business Part
Prepare SWOT analysis as a support material for management team decision to grow from 624 to 900 employees in Bratislava Swiss Re office in 2013. Please go through all public available information about Swiss Re in Bratislava, to make this SWOT analysis as much valuable as possible. 

2. Marketing Part
Design original marketing campaign, which will support ambitious recruiting plan to grow from 624 to 900 employees within 12 months.
Your marketing campaign should contain:
  • Campaign name
  • Time schedule of your campaign (set the best start of the campaign and appropriate length)
  • Target group
  • Campaign main message
  • Campaign strategy (propose how would you deliver your message to the target group)
  • Media mix and budget (which media will you use for most efficient execution; estimate the needed budget)
3. Employee Benefits Part
Analyse Swiss Re employee benefits and summarize the impact of the company quick growth from 624 to 900 to several areas:
  • execution of these benefits
  • motivation of employees
  • employee satisfaction
  • and attractiveness of Swiss Re as an employer

Main Swiss Re benefits
  • 22 meal vouchers / 3,32 EUR per day fully covered by SwissRe 
  • 3 sickness days (100% paid) + unlimited number of sick days 
  • 25 days of vacation (+5 on top of legal entitlement) 
  • + 1 day of paid leave for wedding 
  • Regular teamevents (Office Day Out, Christmas party, etc.) 
  • Relax vouchers (100 EUR per year) 
  • EPP Program - The Employee Participation Plan (EPP) is a share savings (or share purchase) plan, which offers employees the opportunity to acquire an interest in Swiss Re’s shares on a preferential basis. The EPP gives employees a unique opportunity to save money with the possibility to either gain from growth in the Swiss Re share price without actually purchasing shares, in the countries in which the plan operates on a phantom share basis, or to buy Swiss Re shares at favourable terms with the possibility of gaining from growth in the share price in other countries. 
  • COyou2 (global corporate initiative to reduce CO2 emissions. Employees are given a budget. They can spent it on - public transportation, household appliances, hybrid cars, bicycles, etc.. 50% of their costs are covered by this program) 
  • Recruitment bonus 
  • Further education (language, specific courses - covered by company) 
  • Flexible working time
  • Compensated overtimes



Michal Vernarsky
2nd place
Dominik Šoóš
3rd place
Matúš Zachar
4th place
Jakub Kovac
5th place