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Social Challenge on Sharing Economy

How can the sharing economy make cities more liveable?
Around the globe, a new wave of peer-to-peer activity is transforming the way we live and work in cities. Whether renting homes, sharing cars or borrowing goods, the sharing economy enables an optimisation of underutilized resources in ways that are more economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible. By unlocking the potential of sharing, cities can address social problems of exclusion in new ways and capitalize on new sources on economic growth.  

At the heart of the sharing economy lies the principle of ‘sharing over ownership’. While the private sector has been keen to tap into the sharing ethos, there are similar opportunities for cities to increase the quality of life for its citizens. This calls for a shift of mindset away from the traditional models of planning, production and consumption. Therefore, we want to give voice to the eyes and ears of the street and listen to the emergent ideas and behaviours of local environments around the world.  


The Social Challenge on Sharing Economy is seeking ideas from young individuals on how to utilize aspects of the sharing economy to foster social innovation that activates and engages local communities. Over the next four weeks we are inviting applicants from across Europe to tell us their ideas for making our cities more inclusive.

We look forward to receive your ideas.



Please explain your idea in no longer than 500 words + 1-3 illustrations, diagrams or photos.


The jury will be formed by representatives of Global Shaper hubs from Copenhagen, Lisbon, Madrid and Bratislava.

Selection criteria

In finding the winner the jury will be looking for the most impactful, scalable and feasible ideas.

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Katja Cesar
1st place
Lenka Brozmanová
2nd place
Adam Ondák
3rd place