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Evolution at Work

Do you remember our Own The Way You Work challenge? Evolution@Work is the natural progression of this concept. Evolution@Work is an idea that employees can find the optimum working scenario in accordance with their tasks, working methods and mood, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.
What does Evolution@Work mean in reality? Each team member can work between 6:00 and 22:00 from Swiss Re office or from home. Employees must work 1 hour every working day, but may work different number of hours each day. At the Swiss Re office there are work places only for 80% of the employees and no one has their own fixed desk. These areas are called home bases. However, in the building you will also find quiet areas, private zones, project areas, lounges, media rooms and think tanks (more information will be sent to you once you accept the challenge). Swiss Re Bratislava is moving to such premises in September 2016. Can you imagine what this change will cause?


Here comes our challenge. Imagine you are the Section Head of Global Operations and you lead a team of 2 team leaders. Each team leader has 6 members. All members work on full-time contracts (i.e. 40 hours per week). From 1st September 2016 your team will have a home base with 12 workplaces. How will you deal with this situation?


After accepting this challenge you will receive an email with more information about Evolution@Work. In your solution, focus on the issues below:

  1. What opportunities and risks are connected with Evolution@Work? Conduct an analysis.

  2. What team rules would you suggest so the team performance and business results are not affected? What proposals would you make in order to maintain positive working culture and team spirit? Provide your ideas and elaborate on their impact.


Assessment criteria:

  1. Quality of analysis

  2. Practicality of ideas (please be concrete and don't write general recommendations)

  3. Formal aspects of your solution


Solution format:

We accept solutions in any form, please feel free to be creative. However, if you decide to submit your solution in text form, please do not exceed 5 pages (including all images, tables, figures etc.). Solution in Power Point presentation should not exceed 12 slides.


Swiss Re was established in 1863 and in 2007 Swiss Re Bratislava became a part of it. Since then we have managed to grow rapidly and our office in Bratislava currently occupies around 900 employees and planning to grow up to 1200 till 2017.

Most of our work at Swiss Re is concerned with reinsurance. Simply said, it’s insurance for insurance companies. But, of course, it isn’t that simple. It’s a complex and fascinating business that draws on insights from every scientific discipline. Many of the risks the world faces today are far too great to be borne by insurance companies alone. Only by sharing the risk with reinsurers like Swiss Re they can continue to offer cover against these huge risks and keep prices at affordable levels.


Daša Zacharová
1st place
Jakub Kondek
2nd place
Jakub Vasiľ
3rd place