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Young and educated yet still unemployed? Help us change it!

Create a project, what should companies and young people do in order to lower youth unemployment.
Finding the right job is one of the most important challenges young people face after finishing their studies. On the other hand, companies are eagerly looking for young people with creative ideas yet have problems to find them. Surveys show that only 18% of them would like to work for a large company. Moreover fresh graduates usually lack specific experience, knowledge and skills to get a job matching their expectations after graduating. As they are changing their job every two years, it is also very risky for a company to invest into their development. Thus this leads to a dangerous situation where youth unemployment soars.


Sum up ideas and solutions, what should companies and young people do in order to lower youth unemployment. The format is up to you: whether it is a video, a presentation, a text file or something else.     The most important thing is to provide realistic ideas which can contribute to solving the youth unemployment problem. The more ideas, the better. This project runs simultaneously in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Israel which means it will be internationally recognized.


Selection criteria

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise HR teams will choose top ideas in every country based on the following criteria:

  1. The proposed idea needs to be applicable by a company or young people
  2. Explanation how this idea can be turned into a working solution
  3. Number of provided ideas and solutions
  4. Originality of the proposed ideas

Challenge fulfillment

A project with the most effective and innovative solutions to lowering youth unemployment which can be implemented by companies and young people. 

In collaboration with JobAngels.co


Adela Neacsu
2nd place
Marijana Milicevic
5th place
Bernadett Urbán
8th place
Suciu Cristina
10th place