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Raising awareness about air pollution

“Paris suffers 'worst air pollution for at least decade” - The Independent, Dec 29, 2016 “London breaches annual air pollution limit for 2017 in just five days” – The Guardian, Jan 6, 2017 “Oslo temporarily bans diesel cars to combat pollution” – The Guardian, Jan 17, 2017
Air pollution poses the single largest environmental health threat in Europe, according to the European Environment Agency. A sizeable proportion of Europe’s population lives in places, not just cities, where air quality is below safe limits.

Each day, Europe spends 1 billion EUR on oil, just to burn large portion of it on our streets and poison the air we breathe. Tailpipe emissions from transportation is a major cause of this air pollution, and pollution from transportation grows, even as it lowers in other sectors.  However, there is limited awareness of this severe problem.

We feel that it is important for people to be aware of the quality of the air they breathe, and why it is so. If it is polluted, what is causing that pollution? What can they do to improve it so they and their friends, family, and neighbors are breathing clean air?


The challenge is to create an original post for Facebook to raise awareness about air quality and/or the need to understand the quality of the air you breathe, and the connection to traffic/driving/transportation. The Facebook post should consist of both:

  • a small amount of text (in English) and 
  • a video/picture/graphic. 
Other than that you can express yourself in any way. Criteria will be the overall power/feeling of the post, clarity of message, and then production quality.

The more creative the better.  Videos/pictures can be serious, funny, real life, animated, or any mood or style of your choosing. 


All solutions become property of contest sponsor and may be shared/used.
    1st place: 350 EUR + weekend rental of an electric vehicle at the EV dealer closest to you
    2nd place: 300 EUR
    3rd place: 250 EUR


Ilma Šahbaz
1st place
Joana Craveiro
2nd place
Stefan Majinović
3rd place