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Manager's challenge: How would you increase your employee satisfaction?

Are you curious about what it is like to be a manager? If yes, this challenge is for you! No more theories, here comes a real topic our managers have to deal with every year, when they receive feedback from their employees. What would you do in their place?
Every year employees complete an anonymous questionnaire where they give feedback. They answer questions about how they feel in the company and how they like their jobs. They rate if they are satisfied with the management, career opportunities and collaboration with other colleagues. Such questionnaire is called Employee Engagement Survey and is the moment of truth for any company and its management. Once this data is collected, the analysis starts. Managers look into the results and also organize workshops with the employees to come up with ideas for improvements, which are implemented. The reason behind is simple: satisfied employees are necessary for the success of any company. So what are the numbers saying to you?


After accepting the challenge, you will receive the Employee Engagement Survey data, which summarize the employee responses (this short document will be sent to you via email). Your task will be to analyze the data and produce a written report in any format you prefer.  

Focus on the following:
  • What are the data telling us about the employees? What is the company doing well and should continue doing? Write a summary.
  • Where can the company improve? What might be the reasons employees have this opinion? Elaborate on your thoughts about the reasons. 
  • Propose concrete solutions how to increase employee satisfaction in the following areas: engagement, empowerment, brand, career opportunities, collaboration, diversity & inclusion, learning & development. Elaborate on concrete examples for each area.    

Evaluation criteria:
  • Quality of analysis: how well you understand and use the data
  • Quality of recommendations: how creative you are in your proposals 
  • Formal aspects of you solution: how structured and well-written are your thoughts. Do not exceed 4 pages of text.


Challenge is suitable for students and graduates.

About Swiss Re:
Swiss Re was established in 1863 and in 2007 Swiss Re Bratislava became a part of it. Since then we have managed to grow rapidly and our office in Bratislava currently occupies around 1200 employees. In 2016 we received the Slovakia Best Employer award from Aon.

Most of our work at Swiss Re is concerned with reinsurance. Simply said, it’s insurance for insurance companies. But, of course, it isn’t that simple. It’s a complex and fascinating business that draws on insights from every scientific discipline. Many of the risks the world faces today are far too great to be borne by insurance companies alone.

Did you know that Swiss Re was the lead insurer of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks or that we provide coverage for some of the most well-known entertainment and sporting events in the world such as Olympic Games or FIFA World Cup? Swiss Re also supports sustainability and renewable energy innovations. Did you know we insured Solar Impulse, the first solar airplane, which flew around the world? Find out more about us on swissre.com


Jakub Brindza
1st place
Dávid Mantič
2nd place