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How would you increase financial literacy?

"It is not your salary, that makes you rich. It is your spending habit." Charles A. Jaffe
Even if money is not a goal for someone, it is a tool for everyone. It is a part of our everyday life and almost every decision is based on our financial situation. As the situation on financial market is nowadays complex and therefore complicated, sometimes it is hard to think on everything and to have finance under control. Small inattention in signing a contract, illness in family or car accident can bring people into misery.

How would you motivate people to become financially responsible? What would you suggest to help people to avoid debts? To avoid tangling in a debt spiral? 


To accomplish the challenge, you have to create a project that will contain ideas about how to:
  • Improve financial literacy
  • Make young people more responsible for their lives 
  • Teach them how to make important financial decisions
The aim is to make young people think about financial responsibility and to raise their financial knowledge.
Evaluation criteria:
  • originality of your idea
  • creativity 
  • applicability in practise
Your solution can be handed over in English, Slovak or Czech language.

The form/file type of the solution is up to you. It can be paperwork, powerpoint presentation, video, pictures, application, game or any type of graphics.


Challenge is suitable for high school and university students.
The winner will be selected by the Generali CEE team.

Awarding will take place in person.Your solution may be used as one of our presentations for young people to during our "Open door day" of Generali.

If you would like to work for Generali, just add a sentence at the end of your solution "I would like to work in Generali".