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Are you living in reality?

“Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, they are a challenge to it.” Clay Shirky,
50 Minutes! Average time that people spend each day on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Adding another average 17 minutes per day on YouTube is getting us over one hour spent  on social networks. It is approximately the same time we spend on eating and drinking each day.

Are these numbers okay for you? Or do you think we are missing something out in reality? Leisure, hobbies, sports, work, relationships or all of it? Could be that amount of time spent in a more responsible way?


IBM is bringing this challenge to young people to find out: "What should companies implement to help young people find the balance between virtual world and reality and at the same time to be attractive to potential young candidates?".

In this social challenge, we would like to hear your realistic ideas, which can help to solve this "balance problem". So tell us more about:
  • Where is the healthy line between virtual world and reality? 
  • Is there something that should be brought back from virtual world into reality? 
  • How can a modern company help young people to lower the amount of time spent in virtual world? Help them to take responsibility of their social and real life?
  • Which corporate processes could be brought from virtual back to reality?
  • What can companies do to bring the experience and learning into reality? 
We expect real solutions or programs that can be implemented by companies. The output format should be a presentation or video that clearly defines a program that IBM can put into life including estimated time and costs related. Be smart, creative and think out of the box, your idea might become reality!


Each solution will be evaluated by expert IBM team with these criteria:
  • feasibility - can this solution be really implemented?
  • scope - how broad is the solution, is it targeting all youth?
  • costs and time - how costly is the solution and how long will it take to implement?
  • sustainability - can this solution be implemented long term?
Submit your solutions in English and focus on the 4 areas above.

Check also our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twm-hxU-nko


Dávid Mantič
1st place
Kitti Nemeth
2nd place
Kristýna Jahnová
3rd place