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1.  One month rental for free in the city of winner's choice (among 16 cities where Spotahome is)
2.  GoPro
3.  360ยบ Camera

How can WE help homeless people?

Nowadays a lot of people around us, in our cities are living on the streets, below the poverty line.

Do you feel concerned in this problem of lonely and poor, homeless people you are walking around? Are you thinking about this global problem? What can we do to decrease number of homeless people? How can we, "settled" people of the World, make our contribution by helping HOMEless people stop living in the street and cover their needs?


How would you help to decrease number of homeless people? 

Tell us more about it!

Please answer on our questions: 

  1. Send us a list of your ideas, that can help to decrease the number of homeless people.
  2. Explain your ideas more deeply (with connection to resources, time, execution, ...)
  3. Send us your plan, with explanation, how would you bring your ideas into life.


You can also think about and answer on questions:

  • How can sharing accommodation model help to decrease number of homeless people?
  • How would you open the discussion about homeless problem, to make people feel more involved?


Candyda Andhika
1st place
Sophie Eppinger
2nd place