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Let's inspire teachers from all around the globe!

"It takes a big heart to help shape growing minds."

Nowadays teachers are not perceived as shapers and "to be a teacher" is not as appealing as it was in the past.

But label of a good, touching and motivating teacher is not automatically coming from job title. It should come from a mission written inside a person. To grow (as individuals or as a society) we need to attract people, who were born as real teachers, as real shapers of growing minds.

Are you going to help us?


How would you motivate people to become teachers?

How would you make the teacher's Profession more attractive?

We are looking forward to your ideas about:

  • strategy of the spread of the idea, side activities
  • form, attractive graphics, facebook post
  • content (copywriting, quote or anything that should be said)
  • or anything, that can help to motivate and raise attractivity of teaching profession.

FORM: The form is completely up to you (videos, graphics, merchandising, social media campaign, live event, or anything else). Just be creative!



Inspire your Teacherproject aims to increase the recognition of teachers’ social mission and the impact they have on future of every citizen and whole society.

Visit our website: http://www.inspireyourteacher.com/eng

Would you like to bring INSPIRE YOUR TEACHER to your country? Please write us on: joinus@inspireyourteacher.com

See all content (letters, videos, posters) created by students to teachers (in Portuguese): https://www.facebook.com/inspireyourteacher/