Wake up with a smile upon your your heart...turn-off your phone...and explore the World! 

Summer is here and everyone knows that the best memories are made in flip-flops :) 


Are you planning some great adventures during this summer? Or you have already started to enjoy some? We want to know more about it!

Upload ONE the most adventurous photos of your summer experience with short funny description.

Additional information:

Photos will be shared on our website and our Facebook.

Career mentoring from Challengest team include: 

  • valuable discussion (online or in person) about your future working life, 
  • CV commenting and recommendations and 
  • whatever you are interested in.

Time remaining

1st   50 EUR + Career mentoring from Challengest team :)
2nd   Career mentoring from Challengest team :)
3rd   Career mentoring from Challengest team :)