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Manager's challenge: How would you distribute bonuses to your team members?

Are you curious about what is it like to be a manager? No more theories, here comes a real topic our managers have to deal with every year!

How do you evaluate team member performance and distribute bonuses? Is it just about key performance indicators (KPIs) such as amount of work performed or its quality? Would you consider soft factors such as behavior? Or is it about the experience people bring and how long they have been doing the job?

What do you think, what criteria should be taken into consideration?


You are the manager of a team of Reinsurance Account Analysts. Your team is located in Bratislava and works closely with colleagues and clients all across Europe. Most of the communication is via phone and email. Your team of 6 employees is very diverse, members have different levels of seniority and years of experience. How would you distribute a budget of 10 000 EUR into individual bonuses?

After being "interested" in the challenge, you will receive a short presentation with profiles of your team members with additional information about their behavior, biggest successes and mistakes (we all have them :) ) and data about their work performance (presentation is sent on daily basis). Your task will be to analyze the data and produce a written report in any format you prefer. Focus on the following:

  1. What are the data telling us about the employees? Perform an analysis.
  2. What performance rating would you give to each of the employees? Share with us why would you rate the employees this way (Scale: from 1 – lowest performance to 5 – best performance).
  3. How would you distribute the individual yearly bonuses considering you have a budget of 10 000 EUR? Clearly explain your decision.

Challenge evaluation criteria:

  1. Clarity of argumentation: ability to clearly explain your decisions
  2. Diversity & Inclusion: ability to consider individual differences and striking the right balance between behavior and results
  3. Formal aspects of your solution: how structured and well-written are your thoughts. Do not exceed 4 pages of text.


Your solution can be your ticket to an interview! If you are interested in a part-time or full-time job at Swiss Re, please include this sentence on the top of your solution: "I am interested in working for Swiss Re."

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About Swiss Re:
Swiss Re was established in 1863 and in 2007 Swiss Re Bratislava became a part of it. Since then we have managed to grow rapidly and our office in Bratislava currently occupies around 1200 employees. In 2016 we received the Slovakia Best Employer award from Aon.

Most of our work at Swiss Re is concerned with reinsurance. Simply said, it’s insurance for insurance companies. But, of course, it isn’t that simple. It’s a complex and fascinating business that draws on insights from every scientific discipline. Many of the risks the world faces today are far too great to be borne by insurance companies alone.

Did you know that Swiss Re was the lead insurer of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks or that we provide coverage for some of the most well-known entertainment and sporting events in the world such as Olympic Games or FIFA World Cup?

Swiss Re also supports sustainability and renewable energy innovations. Did you know we insured Solar Impulse, the first solar airplane, which flew around the world?

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