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adidas challenge: Live with us at adidas!

adidas... The trendsetter, the perfect tailor mixing sport and fashion, one of the most successful world sport brands we all know or maybe your future employer?

This might recall you the last store where you bought your sneakers. But there is a lot more behind... 

Did you know, that right in Bratislava/Slovakia, the Headquarter office of Central Europe East (CEE) and also a department focusing on Slovak/Hungarian market are located? Both offer great job opportunities for students. Almost every of adidas departments (marketing, sales, finance, HR, customer service etc.) provide at least one internship for university students which makes totally 19 internship opportunities. Big news right? So now, the challenge comes :)


The Challenge is to come up with ideas about how to present adidas website full of attractive local internship opportunities. The platform for promoting and sharing all the content is a website dedicated to university students. It is absolutely fine if you have no advanced IT skills, because we don't need a final website, only ideas to refresh the existing one: http://adidas.challengest.com/.

Tell us what you would like to know generally about your potential employer, about your dream employer, about adidas Slovakia itself! Bring your ideas and create content for the future career website for adidas Bratislava. Questions below may help you to focus, please answer:

  • What would be the main title of the website?
  • What should it contain? Think about what would you and other students like to know about adidas when applying?
  • How would you structure the website? 
  • What should be the website design identity? What kind of design elements should be used?
  • What kind of open vacancies presentation would you suggest?
  • What should be the main website message?
  • What should the job adverts contain?
  • What kind of topics and news would you like to focus on?
  • How often should be the activity on the website in terms of news and posts?

We welcome all kind of creative materials: presentations, photos, designs, your own way how to present the ideas... 

Even though the form of presentation is important, try to really focus on the task itself answering the mentioned questions and tailoring it to mentioned target group incorporating the current trends. Those will be also the evaluation criteria when deciding about the champion of this challenge :)


After internal evaluation, we will choose three best solutions to present their ideas (online or in person) in length of 20 minutes. And at the same time, we will announce the champion receiving the first prize and reward also the winners of "silver and bronze medal" :) 

Moreover, your solution might also become a reality and you could proudly see then your ideas on the website. And the last but not least, there is also an opportunity to get one of our internships! 

We at adidas live the values 3Cs: #collaboration #confidence #creativity. Feel free to get inspired by them, take the chance and #createyourfuture!