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Design your own Job Portal

Can you imagine a situation of young graduate/professional, who is sitting in front PC screen, trying to browse some job portals, looking for a job, trying to find his "fit"... 

He starts to search: 

#he sees a lot of text, text, text

#all jobs, companies seem almost the same

He opens a job portal:

#filter on web does not work properly

#no relevant information in job description (working hours, start date, wage, ...)

#it is impossible to meet criteria

#application process is too complicated 

He applies for a couple of jobs:

#he is waiting for 1 week

#2 weeks

#after a month... One negative answer comes.

What do you think is the biggest problem of nowadays career sites? What should be done differently? What criteria should be possible to apply for search? Wage, location, growth, projects to work on, lifestyle preferences (free time, hobbies, ...) ?


What would you suggest to IBM to create a perfect job portal? 

To contain the best filter, clear job description, concept of tracking the status of selection process, ... or anything else what would improve your candidate experience?

Send us your ideas about:

  • what should an IBM career page look like?
  • criteria, that have to be part of job search filter?
  • what should a job description contain?
  • create an idea of design for IBM career page.

We are open to all kind of ideas/designs/wireframes/visuals/recommendations to create a best career page for you. To find best fit on both sides :)

Your solution might become the base for the real IBM job portal!


This challenge will have a continuation in challenge 2.0. Your task would be to bring ideas together and create a real tool/application/final website for IBM!

You may also check our current web: https://www-05.ibm.com/employment/sk-sk/

If you are interested in working for IBM, do not hesitate and write it down into your solution.


Adam Rak├║s
1st place
Patrik Ondrejech
3rd place