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ERSTE GROUP IT INTERNATIONAL - your future employer?

Imagine this situation: You have been looking for a job. After applying to a number of companies, you have several offers on the table, one of which is from us - Erste Group IT International (EG IT INT). You want to pick the best offer and that’s why you would like to find out more about each company.

Let the challenge begin!


Action 1: Without searching the internet, take a short survey about EG IT INT.

Action 2: Now, browse through the internet and try to find any available information on EG IT INT, (e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or our company website ). What do you think about us as an employer? What impression did you get? 

Action 3: Though leveraging our rich history as part of stable group we want to keep up with the latest trends and to be attractive as an employer. Therefore, your honest opinion is more than welcome.

We are interested in knowing your opinion on how we could improve our online presence and social media to attract future employees. How should we update our branding to stand out from other companies? What are the main driving factors of your generation when deciding on your employer?

Identify at least 3 main improvement points and outline a short action plan to address these points.

We recommend that your solution to our challenge should fit into a maximum of two A4 pages.

We look forward to your inspiring ideas! 

#erstegroupit #tellusmore #employerbrandingchallenge #dreamemployer


The best solvers of the challenge will be invited to present their solutions at our company's office in Bratislava in June. On top of that, you will spend some nice time with our EG IT INT colleagues, have fun while enjoying the X-box games, pizza, presents and lots of more :)

We look forward to seeing you!


Rodrigo Conde
1st place
Johana Supíková
2nd place
Dávid Ondruš
3rd place