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Build your Job Portal

Design for inspiration is ready, now let's code it!

What would you say about a plan: "Wake up tomorrow and code a REAL job portal for IBM." 

Challenge accepted? :)


After first successful challenge (http://a.challengest.com/Svc), IBM is here with challenge vol. 2.0! 

In this challenge you have the opportunity to become a job portal developer / wizard and your task is to bring IBM Job Portal into life. Create a real tool/application/final website for IBM!

How to do it?

  • Sign up for this challenge (click on "interested" button)
  • After signing up, IBM will provide you design, masked data and all additional information (file will be shared via email on every workday)
  • And then... Just code it :)

You can also add your style and ideas or any upgrade to provided design.

Your solution will become real!

Criteria for the WIN:

  • Code Quality (we will be looking at the way how you write your code - possible help here could be eslint or other static linter)
  • Code structure (we will review at the way you structure your codebase - using one of the frameworks helps to organize your work better)

Once you sign up, you will receive further help and instructions.


You may also check our current web: https://www-05.ibm.com/employment/sk-sk/

If you are interested in working for IBM, do not hesitate and write it down into your solution.