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Help Swiss Re with setting up their 'iptiQ Technology team

Do you know Swiss Re also has division 'Life Capital' that dwells into primary insurance market? And one of Life Capital brands 'iptiQ by Swiss Re' needs your help with setting up their Technology team!


You are the part of CTO management team of iptiQ by Swiss Re, provider of bespoke white label insurance. In the past your technology team was in several locations and you extensively used contractors but recently the company decide to have the full technology team inhouse and collocated. Your job is to design the future org structure, choose a line manager for each team and identify the possible short-comings.

After being "interested" in the challenge, you will receive a presentation with short description of each team including specific roles and FTEs. If you need further information on the roles, please visit our career portal. Your task will be to analyze the data and produce a written report in any format you prefer. Focus on the following:

  1. How should be the teams divided, whether you decide to stick with current structure or change it explain your decision.
  2. Each team needs to have a line manager, what role is best suited and why?
  3. Are there any profiles we are missing? If so what are the roles and why?


Challenge evaluation criteria:

  • Quality of analysis – how well you understand and use the data and also include your own thoughts.
  • Clarity of argumentation – ability to clearly explain your decisions.
  • Formal aspects of your solution – how structured and well-written are your thoughts

More about iptiQ by Swiss Re

Transforming insurance. Powering your progress.

iptiQ is transforming insurance buying by providing you with a digital insurance engine and world-class underwriting capabilities. This, backed by 150 years of knowledge and expertise from Swiss Re, creates best in-class end-consumer experiences for your customers.

  But iptiQ is more than just an insurance engine. Our business model is based on forging strong partnerships to sell insurance via trusted brands. We don't sell directly to the consumer, but instead provide digital, transparent and bespoke protection products in a B2B2C manner. You remain in control of your customer base – we stay in the background.

  We pride ourselves on delivering at top speed and the right cost in order to get the right products to the right people. The combination of competitive products, swift partner onboarding and a seamless, streamlined consumer journey is building the foundation for success. We are your partner to accelerate your progress in insurance.

  To learn more about us, please visit our website.


Giuseppe Butti
1st place
Zuzana Dancova
2nd place
Maria Mojzisova
3rd place