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What's your Compliance superpower?

At Compliance we identify, mitigate and manage Compliance risks to protect Swiss Re from any misconduct, breach or illegal activities. And, what's your superpower?


As part of our "Strive To Drive Modern Compliance" initiative we will need YOU - a superhero combating against selected Compliance risk. We need your talent, dedication and creativity to prepare at least six tasks for Escape Room dedicated to the Compliance risk, depending on your superpower eg. if you relate to Agent ABC, your superpower is Anti-Bribery and Corruption, so you will prepare Escape Room for this risk.


Check the below descriptions to identify yourself with one of our five Compliance Super Heroes:


Agent ABC

He uses his mighty abilities to protect his land Anti-Briberia mainly from the PEP Realm, a kingdom of Politically Exposed Persons. Agent ABC wields the power to fight against accepting a financial or non-financial advantage or mis-using entrusted power for personal gain.

(Compliance Risk: Bribery and Corruption) 


A leader of Financial Risks Alliance does whatever it takes to prevent introduction of money obtained from illegal sources into the financial system. He leads a KYC (Know Your Customer) Academy for all Alliance members to become a fighting machine against money laundering and terrorist financing.

(Compliance Risk: Money laundering and Terrorist financing)  

Captain Integrity

A sister of Yon-KYC becomes one of the most powerful Compliance heroes within Compliance universe which is currently in the middle of war. She fights to protect her planet, also named Integrity, from fraudulent aliens who are known for misusing of assets, business information and falsification of documents.

(Compliance Risk: Fraud)

Stocky the dog

The cutest resident of planet Integrity. Stocky is able to seek out any illegal practices of trading on the Stock Exchange and also anyone who tries to sell Integrity's confidential information. Don't be confused by his cute appearance, he spots everything!

(Compliance Risk: Insider Trading)


Feared by most, this lady helps planet Integrity to get rid of those who by an outside activity or relation influence or appears to influence company's business decision. From time to time she needs to fight together with Agent ABC against the PEP Realm.

(Compliance Risk: Conflict of Interests) 

Once you accept this challenge, we will send you more details about Swiss Re Compliance risk you have selected for your inspiration.