adidas Slovakia

We are a leading company in sportswear, accessories and footwear industry with local headquarter in Bratislava, which manages all sales and marketing activities in seven countries of Central Europe East cluster. From our headquarter office in Bratislava we manage around 550 employees based in 7 countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. At the same time, one part of our team focuses specifically on united Slovakian and Hungarian market. 

In our region we represent two adidas brands: adidas and Reebok. The brands of the adidas complement each other in a unique way to help athletes perform better, play better, feel better. Our products break records, set trends, make history. Every day. All over the world. 

In adidas, our love for sport drives who we are and what we do. Sport brings us together from different departments and various ages. We believe in a team and power. We believe through sport we have power to change lives.

In the office, our team consists of 80 players including 19 Interns. More than 50% of our employees in Bratislava are younger than 30 years old which makes us really active, motivated and encouraged team to reach the best possible results. We keep focusing on young talents and their development by offering attractive learning opportunities.

Being perceived as a leader in the business, just like a champion in sport, adidas ultimately relies on having the best team players to jump further and to score higher than its competitors.  In order to reach the best performance within our team, we do not stop looking for new team players to support further development of our business.

CONTACT: Galvaniho 15/A // Bratislava // 821 04 // Slovakia
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